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Minus Primogems? Mihoyo Is Stepping Up to Illegal Top-Ups

Well well well… What do we have here, minus primogems? I’d say, “get rekt.” I mean, those who have top-up illegally should have known that their actions have consequences. I don’t encourage you guys to go whaling over any games, but, hey, at least play it safe and legal, yeah?

So, a few days ago, Mihoyo is taking a step to prevent these illegal top-ups. Because obviously, with that happening, they’ll be the ones with the short end of the stick. They’ll be giving everyone minus primogems for every illegal top-up. Some people be getting -50k primogems, yikes.

The minus primogems

But why is this becoming a problem? Well, you see, Genshin Impact is a good and popular game. But, their gacha system is pretty nasty for someone who has a little bit of patience. Also nowadays, whaling or gacha or new character review content in the streaming platforms is not rare. To put it simply, these people need Primogems, a lot of it.

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How to get a lot of Primogems without spending a lot of money? Well, they top-up through shady or unofficial 3rd party. Surely this is not a good thing for Mihoyo devs because they need food too, and PROFITS to be exact.

To be honest, Mihoyo giving out minus primogems to solve this problem is a 200 IQ move for me. Why? Because by doing so they’re not losing any players (other games might ban you for this thing). Another thing is because this way, they’ll get their money or profits back. These illegal top-uppers have to pay again (officially) if they still want to get future contents.

The solutions

Microtransaction in a game is never good to begin with. It can give you a gambling addiction, just saying. So, you need to stay sane and do it within your boundaries. Here’s how to get Primogems officially.

  1. Go to Genshin Impact’s official site, and go to the top-up menu.
  2. If you play the game on an Android, go top-up through Google Play Store.
  3. Or, if you play on an iOS device, you can top-up through iTunes Store.
  4. You can also use Razer currency to get Primogems, the Razer Gold.
  5. Or, if you’re playing on PS4, you can get it with PSN credits.
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Last but not least, I want to say this, Genshin Impact is definitely playable and enjoyable even if you’re going F2P like me. Stay safe bois and gurls, do it legally, and don’t get minus primogems. Let me know what you think of this problem in the comments.

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