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Genshin Impact Dendro Archon, Lesser Lord Kusanali Leaks | The Next Dendro Playable Character?

One of the most accurate leakers in China revealed a leak about Genshin Impact Dendro Archon named Lesser Lord Kusanali. This leak leads us to the playable Dendro character who will rumored will release on Genshin Impact 3.0.

Lesser Lord Kusanali, also known as Little Lucky-Grass Monarch, is the still reigning Dendro Archon. When the Raiden Shogun ruled Inazuma, Zhongli ruled Liyue, Venti ruled Mondstadt, and Dendro Archon was still the ruler of Sumeru.

She was the youngest among the archons. She rose to his current position after the destruction of the God of the Woods 500 years ago in a cataclysm.

Genshin Impact Dendro Archon Leaks

In the latest leaked information, Lesser Lord Kusanali looks like a cute little girl like Paimon. Her dress looks the same as Paimon’s, with a white and silver pattern. Apart from that, Kusanali looks like a little girl, which is reasonable because she is the youngest Archon among other Archon.

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Genshin Impact Dendro Archon
Genshin Impact Dendro Archon

According to the story, Kusanali is only 500 years old and has already received the power of a God in Sumer after the previous Archon, God of the Woods perished.

Other information that supports Kusanali’s presence in Genshin Impact is the emergence of new reactions on the Genshin Impact, Overdose and Overgrown test servers. The second is a new reaction that only reacts to Dendro elements. Overdose was likely made by combining Dendro and Pyro/Electro. At the same time, Overgrown will combine Dendro and Hydro.

Unfortunately not much information about Genshin Impact Dendro Archon, Lesser Lord Kusanali that we can know until release in the upcoming Genshin Impact 3.0.

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So that’s all the information about Genshin Impact Dendro Archon we can give to you. Although hopefully, the information can be helpful, if there are questions or other things that you want to tell, you can write them in the comments below.

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