Does Homelander Have Weaknesses in The Boys Series?

Does Homelander Have Weaknesses is one of the questions viewers want to know the answer to the most, you too probably? The story of the third season of The Boys show series is still continuing, Prime Video production has entered half the story of the third season.

Questions about the weakness of Homelander, the strongest superhero from Seven, re-emerged. Because like what happened in the series, this Homelander figure has a story that seems to be without gaps. Even this character doesn’t seem to have any weaknesses.

But is Homelander really that hard to beat, let alone kill? It seems the plot of the third season of The Boys series is slowly starting to answer how to kill a superhero who has no feelings.

After airing up to 5 episodes, there are at least two ways that have a chance to successfully conquer, or kill Homelander. What do you think? Immediately, this is the discussion.

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Does Homelander Have Weaknesses? Ya, The Psychologically

Homelander is a very narcissistic superhero. He thirsts for praise and attention from those around him. But when things don’t go his way, he will make things worse.

In its second season, the most effective way to tame Homelander is to play with its psychology. Stan Edgar, Maeve, Starlight, and Billy Butcher have done just that and made Homelander really scared to mess with these four guys.

Does Homelander Have Weaknesses Or Not 1
Does Homelander Have Weaknesses? Yah

Stan Edgar played a key role in taking over from Madelyn Stilwell as the lead of Vought in his second season. His policy of preventing Seven (and Homelander) from dealing with the company internally meant he couldn’t control people the way he wanted to control Stilwell.

Meanwhile, Maeve, Starlight, and Butcher threaten him with footage showing Homelander’s true nature threatening the passengers of an impending plane. The tape effectively makes Homelander, again unable to do anything to people who don’t like it.

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But in the second episode of the third season. We certainly know that Stan Edgar was officially demoted at Vought. So Homelander is no longer afraid of the footage that Maeve, Starlight, and Butcher threaten to threaten him with. So, what is the most logical possibility that can subdue this superhero?

Strength Neutralizing Compound Effect of V. Soldier Boy

While the video footage is no longer enough to make Homelander think twice, now the most logical possibility is Soldier Boy. Moreover, in the previous episode, Soldier Boy is still alive and has been released by The Boys.

Well, when The Boys freed Soldier Boy. He accidentally shot a beam that hit Kimiko. Kimiko herself is a member of The Boys who has Compund V. The effect of the liquid makes Kimiko lose her regeneration power.

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If Soldier Boy’s new power is proven to be strong and able to eliminate the effects of Compund V users. So maybe Soldier Boy is the right person to take down, defeat, or even kill Homelander. It will be interesting to see if there will be a final battle involving members of The Boys, Soldier Boy, Homelander, and Seven.

Maybe that’s the only explanation we can give about a possible way to beat Homelander in The Boys series. What do you think, do you find out the answer to Does Homelander Have Weaknesses question?

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