Ezra Miller Recovery Update, Return to The Flash?

After the criminal controversy he did, The Flash star Ezra Miller made the worst trouble of his career and also impacted Warner Bros. Henceforth he also made The Flash a reset button to be a new thing that disappointed fans. The excitement was fleeting and made DCEU fans feel like they were falling into the future of DC Movies.

Previously, Ezra Miller finally spoke publicly and gave a statement, about how he began to deal with complex mental health problems. Moreover, he also prepared a meeting plan with studio executives to discuss any issues. So does that mean he’ll be back or could he announce something even more surprising?

Ezra Miller Recovery Update

According to statements from Entertainment Weekly and the Hollywood Reporter, Ezra Miller and their agent, Scott Metzger, had a “very positive meeting” on Wednesday, August 24 with the new Warner Bros. They revealed that the meeting will focus on commitments about the continuity of The Flash and his mistakes as an actor.

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Then, there is another concern about how this person can get pardoned, especially from public opinion. If they are truly seeking help for their “complex mental health problem,” then that’s a start. But Ezra’s case isn’t easy, time will tell, so follow along and find out what happens next.

But fortunately, The Flash movie still has a schedule in theaters at least until June 23, 2023. Whatever happens, best of luck to the DCEU and Warner Bros. fans. While the criminal case is very complicated because it happened more than once.

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