Cancelled Batgirl Movie Plot Details Reveal Flash & Catwoman Connections

Batgirl has been the main subject of discussion among DC fans in the past few days due to the movie’s unceremonious cancellation over at Warner Bros. Discovery. The film was supposed to star In The Heights breakout actress Leslie Grace as the titular hero alongside a stellar cast that included Michael Keaton as Batman, J.K. Simmons as Commissioner Gordon, and Brendan Fraser as the movie’s villain, Firefly.

In an official statement, Warner Bros. revealed that the studio decided to cancel Batgirl due to its “strategic shift,” pointing out that it had nothing to do with the performance of the cast and crew. Now, surprising new details about Batgirl’s test screening have emerged online.

More Details About Cancelled Batgirl Movie

In the latest episode of The Town podcast, Hollywood insider Matt Belloni revealed that he recently spoke with someone who had seen a screening of Batgirl, revealing new details about the movie.

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While admitting that his source was trying to figure out what the ending was, Belloni shared that Batgirl’s “stakes are small.,” describing the villain Firefly as “just a dude in a suit.”

From the stakes being small to the TV pilot and Dark Phoenix comparisons, Batgirl’s test screening reactions are brutal, and these served as a crucial factor in the movie’s eventual cancellation. While many would agree that Batgirl filmmakers and the cast didn’t create a subpar movie that is not worthy of release, unfortunately, the audience reactions are of value in this kind of situation.

However, the reveal that the movie included a tribute to Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman from Tim Burton’s Batman Returns is a welcome one, considering the iconic portrayal of the actress in the 1992 DC movie. Although the insider shared that Pfeiffer didn’t appear in the movie, it would’ve still been a perfect tribute for both the actress and the character.

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The Flash serving as the starting point of the “reset of the DC Universe” is a no-brainer since the Scarlet Speedster’s ability to time travel allows the franchise to showcase a fresh start. It’s possible that Warner Bros. is using the film as the launchpad of their “10-year plan” to fully reset everything, and sadly, Batgirl and other DC properties are no longer part of that new beginning.

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