Aquaman 2 Spoiler by New Concept Art, The Big War?

Warner Bros. is still following their next films, the new ones include Black Adam, The Flash and also the sequel to Aquaman. While many fans were angry when the previous DCEU failed and disappointed it in many aspects, The Flash now gets a nice new update.

In addition to the problem with The Flash actor which affects the reset button, there is now the latest update about Aquaman 2. But for those of you who are curious to watch it immediately, unfortunately, the Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom movie is one of the four DC films that were delayed. The new one was pushed back a full nine months and is now postponed until Christmas 2023.

Concept Art Gives Spoiler Sketch

The delay may be the worst thing for fans, but it’s also a good thing. An example is when Aquaman 2 director James Wan talks about delays, giving him more time to push the VFX work better and prepare other plans.

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Many fans are still thirsty for the Atlantis story, when the film was delayed, James Wan shared with social media what happened in Atlantis later. Via Instagram, James Wan shared a new concept for Aquaman 2 which you can see here:

Jason Momoa will return to the film as the main character on December 25, 2023. As you can see, a lot of key scenes unfold there, there’s Jason Momoa looking like he wants to attack someone, and there’s a lot more to the art of revealing war. In the center was a seemingly female figure with an octopus bottom as Arthur Curry extended his fist towards the group.

While it’s unclear who was involved, a gigantic underwater battle ensues between the army and a number of warships shooting lasers at each other. This appears to be on a giant underwater wall that some of the participants climbed up onto.

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With such a long time until Aquaman 2 actually debuts, fans will be analyzing this concept art for the foreseeable future while Warner Bros. You can start exploring it now, while the release date will be quite a while, on December 25, 2023.

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