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Men in Black Writer Challenges Sony for Saying His First MiB Unprofitable

Sony recently released a profit statement of Men in Black which they claim is still in the red. This statement is received by its own screenwriter, Ed Solomon, who then responds this on his Twitter account. His sarcastic tweet shows how he questions Sony’s statement over this four-sequel global hit.

It is actually quite confusing for Sony to say that the first MiB movie in 1997 has not made any profit. As we know, this movie received almost $600 million globally from only a $90 million budget. It is also the peak for the sequel where it received an Oscar for Best Makeup and Hairstyling. Sony’s statement, however, assumedly comes from the unclarity of the flow of that big money earned.

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This assumption is then further mocked by Solomon, still in his following tweet. He calls Sony’s profit statement as better science fiction than so far shown in movies. He after that writes the list of reasons for Sony seeing that movie has not made a profit.

Despite this challenge made by Solomon, it seems that Sony will not change his statement soon. Studios in America has long clashed with the writers, most recently in 2007-2008 when 12,000 film and television screenwriters of the Writers Guild of America went on strike to demand higher pay.

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