WandaVision Director Potentially Takes Handle of Fantastic Four from MCU

Fantastic Four is progressing under the MCU umbrella, but still has plenty of time to make a good plan following the chosen cast and also about the story build. However, the MCU Fantastic Four is definitely not like the original story, the same case as when Spider-Man appeared in the Marvel Studios films.

The Fantastic Four reboot is set for November 2024, which means there’s a lot more to set. This project is also one of the biggest projects that gets a lot of attention from Marvel fans, so the players who are selected must pay according to expectations. While fan casting is still happening, the most important main person is still unknown.

Who Will Replace the Fantastic Four Director?

Based on information from The Direct, Matt Shakman, who was once the director of the Disney Wandavision series, was reported to the place. Shakman will replace Spider-Man director Jon Watts at the helm following his departure from the project in April 2022.

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However, this is still a rumor for now as Disney and Marvel Studios have yet to confirm this. But Kevin Feige might be able to announce this a few days later. However, we’ll get to see it officially during the studio’s D23 Expo presentation on Saturday, September 10th.

Feeling it made sense to go with the name, Shakman has already proven his talent with WandaVision in bringing one of the MCU’s most popular Disney+ series, and Feige is no less impressed. While other names such as the director of Doctor Strange 2 can also be the right choice. Hopefully, the best choice will satisfy fans. You have to be more patient, the Fantastic Four will do everything on November 8, 2024, as the official premiere.

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