One of the MCU Plot Holes Answered at Ms. Marvel Series!

Like many movies even from the DCEU or MCU, there’s bound to be something unfinished like Avenger Endgame Plot Hole as one of them. Until this year, there were two series released, Ms. Marvel is the new one.

The series, which tells about Kamala Khan, played by Iman Vellani, will continue his journey as a young superhero, even more so when he is still in school. Nonetheless, the initial reaction to Ms. Marvel is very positive.

And part of that reaction may be due to Easter eggs and references to other MCU films so far. It became a fan service for fans and could also answer some plot holes in the MCU that are still unknown.

About Avenger Endgame Plot Hole

Make sure you’ve watched Ms. Marvel, especially for the first episode, because the spoilers can’t be missed here. As we know, in the first episode Ms. Marvel has a lot of references to other characters, including the dead. From featuring side characters from Spider-Man: No Way Home to honoring the death of Black Widow Scarlet Johansson, the latest installment is likely to have rabid MCU fans squirm with excitement.

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Wandavision Series | Marvel Studios

Another important thing you might have missed is the confusing explanation of WandaVision’s easter eggs that fans are still talking about today. It’s about WandaVision featuring a mind-boggling recap of Avengers: Endgame.

If you remember in WandaVision episode 5, Monica Rambeau of Teyonah Parris had a mini-debate with Jimmy Woo of Randall Park about Wanda Maximoff’s power level, saying that Scarlet Witch “could have beaten Thanos herself” during Avengers: Endgame’s final battle at the Avengers compound. “He could have beaten Thanos himself if he hadn’t started a lightning strike. I mean, no one else has come close to him.”

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As we know, Wanda dueled with Thanos in many superhero states, there is no ordinary human without superpowers there. It can’t spread easily because there are only two of them. This trade-off is confusing because there were multiple duels that took place during that final battle, meaning it would be difficult to keep track of who was up against whom.

Given that Rambeau and Woo seem to know the details of what happened between Wanda and Thanos, it makes fans wonder how these characters (who weren’t present during the fight) learned of everything that happened.

Avenger Endgame Plot Hole Explains More in Ms. Marvel

Turns out, the MCU fixed it the easy way, the latest installment of Ms. Marvel reveals that the general public knows the details of the final battle against Thanos because of one Avenger: Scott Lang aka Ant-Man

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In the first episode, you can find out everything that happened to Avenger and the battle to defeat Thanos explained to the public from Scott Lang’s podcast. Episode 1 confirmed that Scott Lang appeared as a guest on the podcast titled This Powered Life during the episode titled “Big Me, Little Me, – A Scott Lang Interview.”

This is where he’s supposed to reveal detailed details of what happened in the battles in the Avengers compound during Endgame. But this is still unknown, allowed by all Avengers and everyone involved or not.

That said, it looks like the general public still isn’t aware of the Time Heist that the Avengers did to collect the Infinity Stones, which could potentially hint that it’s not all spilling over on the podcast. But Scott goes into more detail, also including about Iron Man’s sacrifice to defeat the Mad Titan giving everyone an idea of ​​how the Avengers came together and saved the world time and time again.

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In addition, there is a negative side to this disclosure. It’s likely that other potential Avengers villains will use Lang’s information to their advantage. You can imagine this one when another person or criminal finds out about weakness and learns about it based on it. What do you think?

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