Illumin-Aunties at Ms. Marvel Episode 2 is a Bad Reference?

There’s Illuminati Ms Marvel Episode 2 as a reference. For those of you who have watched Doctor Strange 2, you know that group. The special team consists of Baron Mordo, Charles Xavier, Captain Carter, Black Bolt, Captain Marvel, and also Mr. Fantastic.

It’s not a secret anymore. On one of his journeys to defeat Wanda, Stephen Strange encounters the group with a major problem that makes him a dangerous person. In the new episode Ms. Marvel, we’re shown a reference to that group. But maybe it’s a bad way to do it because it feels weird to some fans.

Illuminati Ms Marvel Episode 2 Reference

For some others, maybe the Illuminati using Illumi-Aunty as a prank call is totally fine and might feel like fun. The Illuminati are like enemies and do bad things, but if we compare it to the Doctor Strange 2 version, maybe it’s allowed. During the celebration of the Eid festival, Nakia recruits Kamala and Bruno to help her campaign for the Council of Mosques.

Illuminati Ms Marvel Episode 2 1

The electorate candidates separated those present at the event into six different groups: Mosque Bros, Alim Boys, Sunday School Teachers, Insta Cliques, Mualaf/Mualaf, Mini Harami Girls, and Illumin-Tante. Illumin-Aunt’s naming Nakia implies the existence of some Illuminati concept in Earth-616, whether it’s a heroic Marvel team, another secret society, or just a generic term for those who work in the shadows.

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However, when Doctor Strange was first introduced to Illuminati Earth-838, he reacted in bewilderment: “Illumi-what?” Strange seemed to be familiar with the name, which seemed odd considering that he of all people would know a term like the former Sorcerer Supreme.

The fact that Nakia, Bruno, and Kamala know the term, even if it’s just colloquially as a common nickname for the shadow organization rather than the MCU version, creates an inconsistency: Weird to have at least heard of the Illuminati. It’s a bit of an eyesore because the all-powerful and all-knowing Stephen Strange has been cut short by some high schoolers. But that’s just an opinion, maybe you all disagree, that’s okay.

Kamala Khan’s newest adventure is streaming now, exclusively on Disney Plus Doctor Strange’s multiverse romp is coming out on June 22.

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