Good Things For Disney Plus’ Iron Man Spin-off Update, Ironheart!

Promising stuff just came as an Update for Ironheart Series, but it’s not about absolute release date details. For that, it is still unknown for now, but other things will make new insights for us.

It will be a fun series, like Ms. Marvel, Hawkeye, and other series about young superheroes. The difference is even further when compared to Moon Knight as one of the dark shows of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Okay, what things can we get from the Ironheart update?

New Update for Ironheart Series

The upcoming Disney Plus Ironheart series will tell the story of Riri Williams’ journey and how to make her a user of the Iron armor inspired by Tony Stark’s creation. Or somehow, she could have done it another way, maybe using the MCU’s native methods, like Ms. Marvel activated her powers.

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But the big chance is about Riri Williams, a tech genius who managed to create a highly sophisticated suit similar to Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man. The main hero will be played by Dominique Thorne, and the solo series features a stellar cast that includes Anthony Ramos, Lyric Ross, and Harper Anthony.

So maybe the MCU adapted a similar story from the comics for its development. But still, the details of Ironheart’s plot are still kept secret. A confirming clue about him is making his debut in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

In addition, another rumor said that the way he was able to make armor was because he took part in the Armor Wars series. The series is a project centered around Tony Stark’s best friend, Colonel James Rhodes. Ryan Coogler as Black Panther and the director of the sequel have confirmed behind-the-scenes involvement.

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The new update reveals a new cast for the series, the actor joining the project is Manny Montana. However, the role he plays is still a secret.

Based on previous rumors, it’s possible that Montana could play Ezekiel Stane, who is the son of Iron Man villain Obadiah Stane or Parker Robbins aka The Hood. And the good part about meaning renewal is revealed that Ironheart is now shooting. This is the part that makes us feel impatient to wait.

While filming is still going on, we can wait until some leaks or set photos can surface online, thus giving fans an idea of what to expect for the Dominique Thorne-led series. The release date is not yet known, but Ironheart is rumored to be premiering on Disney Plus sometime in 2023. Hopefully not the middle of the year or even later.

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