The Flash’s Ezra Miller Films More Scenes Following Arrests

Fans have probably had enough of hearing about the drama-riddled DCEU. Sure, Marvel Studios is dealing with some much-deserved pushback regarding its treatment of VFX workers, but the team at Warner Bros. is getting hit from all sides. There’s Amber Heard’s legal troubles, Ray Fisher’s public tantrum, the cancelation of Batgirl, and even a consistently recurring one with the insane antics of The Flash’s Ezra Miller.

The star is set to lead next year’s The Flash, but the fate of their movie has long been in question. They’ve come a long way from choking a fan at a bar, now having incidents including public intoxication, death threats, paranoia, alleged cults, and most recently, a felony burglary.

Arrests Didn’t Slow Miller Down

A new report from The Hollywood Reporter revealed some startling details about how Warner Bros. has worked around Ezra Miller’s legal action. The outlet claimed that The Flash star participated regularly in scheduling additional photography for the production over the summer, namely towards the end of May. This was all after their previous legal shenanigans and subsequent arrests, not including the recent felony burglary.

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The studio still has not made a decision about whether The Flash’s release date will shift again or potentially move to just streaming.

Deciding to still work with Miller is not a good look for Warner Bros. Especially after the big Batgirl cancelation and other various massive changes across the board, the studio should be doing everything in its power to look good. The Flash is expected to arrive in theaters on June 23, 2023.

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