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Justice League: Henry Cavill Excited To Finally See The Snyder Cut

Fans have spent the past few years fervently campaigning for the release of the Snyder Cut, which is director Zack Snyder’s original version of the 2017 DC film.

Snyder originally approached Justice League with some big plans that would lead to sequels and have major ramifications for the rest of the DCEU.

However, Snyder was forced to leave the project in May 2017, and Joss Whedon stepped in to replace him. He changed so much of Snyder’s original vision, Snyder has said he estimates fans have only seen about a quarter of what he created.

Cavill Really can’t Wait to See the Cut Himself

Cavill recently spoke about the Snyder Cut with Patrick Stewart as a part of Variety‘s Actors on Actors series.

Stewart attempted to get more information from Cavill about this new version of Justice League, but Cavill insisted he couldn’t reveal anything beyond the fact that it is happening. However, Cavill did share his excitement for seeing the finished product.

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“I’m just really happy that Zack got to realize his vision,” Cavill said. “I think it’s important for a filmmaker and a storyteller to have their intended vision released and shown to the world, and I’m looking forward to seeing it myself. It’s been quite the ordeal.”

The Snyder Cut will finally be released next year on HBO Max. While an official premiere date hasn’t been announced yet, HBO Max is reportedly aiming for an early-to-mid-2021 release date.

Thus like the Superman himself, let’s just wait patiently until it finally released later on OK?

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