The Flash Movies Get Equal Scores Like The Dark Knight Trilogy

The Flash is one of the upcoming Warner Bros. films with big problems because the main actor is making a lot of trouble. The Flash solo film will wait a few months to hit theaters, mid-2023 to be exact. The film is also expected to shed some light on the entire DCEU now and how they make sense for a reboot.

The most successful DC Comic live-action adaptation ever made is Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy. That’s what makes DC feel satisfied and topped the Box Office at that time. The Dark Knight, which earned Heath Ledger a posthumous Oscar for his performance as The Joker, has even been named by many as the best comic book film of all time.

After all that happened, Warner Bros. started trying to build a DC Cinematic Universe, which ended up making a lot of mistakes and failing. What’s more, it’s now happening again with The Flash movie as a reset button for the DCEU.

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Flash Get Better Score As Fan Sick Medicine

While problems still exist between Warner Bros. and many things, including Ezra Miller and his case, according to a report by The Hollywood Reporter, The Flash has received a favorable reaction from selected audiences. The executives and creatives behind The Flash are reportedly confident it will be a critical and box office hit.

Previous news of a test screening that emerged in June described The Flash as “very well received,” with Warner Bros continuing to be “enthusiastic” about the film.

Hollywood has recently begun to see an increasing number of leaks coming out of test screenings. Not only does this cause certain details to pop up, like Amber Heard’s Aquaman 2 screen time, but it also offers viewers a much stronger measure of pre-release quality than ever before.

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According to insiders, screening test takers were asked to rate the film as good, very good, good, fair, or bad. Scores can then be assigned to pieces based on the percentage of viewers who rated the film in the top two categories.

Early screenings of Batgirl, Shazam 2, and Black Adam were all reportedly tested the same way back in the ’60s. In contrast, ViewerAnon and BigScreenLeaks both claim The Flash was a test run in the ’70s, which is considered a high rating.

Flash’s acceptance of comparisons to the Dark Knight trilogy behind the scenes only adds to why Warner Bros. is so adamant on ruling through the Ezra Miller controversy because it must be something special.

Hopefully, as long as Miller can avoid further trouble, talk of the actor’s controversial actions will subside by the time the release is released, allowing The Flash to enjoy a positive reaction and a box office success. The Flash will hit theaters on June 23, 2023.

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