Dwayne Johnson Teases His Marvel Cinematic Universe Crossover Plans

It’s hard these days not to be aware of Dwayne Johnson’s big upcoming outing as the titular star in Black Adam. Sure, it isn’t in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but it’s still a pretty big deal. The actor has been working hard to get the anti-hero’s movie made for over a decade now, a process that even included The Rock taking himself out of the Shazam! movie.

But now, that day is almost here, and Teth-Adam will finally get his hands dirty. To help spread the word of his arrival, Johnson was also able to squeeze in a cameo for his favorite character in the recent animated film DC’s League of Super Pets.

His movie isn’t even out yet, and The Rock is already setting his sights for a far more ambitious future: a potential crossover between DC Comics and Marvel. Yes, the world may want his character to go up against Henry Cavil’s Superman, but imagine him going toe-to-toe with the likes of Thor or Doctor Strange. But could such a timeline ever exist?

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The Rock Teases the MCU vs. DCU

During an interview with Games Radar, Black Adam star Dwayne Johnson teased the possibility of a future where Marvel and DC crossover.

Johnson made it clear how he believes that both parties should “cross paths one day” and that he is “optimistic” that such a future can come to pass.

First and foremost, however, is that The Rock’s upcoming solo movie needs to actually do well. The trailers look great, but marketing is one thing; pulling off a quality project is an entirely different beast.

Black Adam is set to hit theaters worldwide on October 21.

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