Marvel Announces New Fantastic Four Run Ahead of MCU Movie

Following two heavily-panned attempts from Fox, fans are elated to see the Fantastic Four join the MCU under Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige’s watchful eye in the coming years. The reboot was just recently set for a November 8, 2024 release date that will kick off Phase 6 on the big screen as the Multiverse Saga builds toward its climax.

With Spider-Man director Jon Watts having recently departed the project, the search is on to find a “big name” director and the right cast to bring Marvel’s First Family to life. After months of viral fan castings, John Krasinski brought Reed Richards to the MCU for the first time in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, but there’s no telling whether he will be back on Earth-616 for the reboot.

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Meanwhile, on the comic pages, the Fantastic Four just concluded “The Reckoning War.” The story from writer Dan Slott saw the First Family face off with a group of mysterious aliens known as The Reckoning in an effort to save the Multiverse.

Now, with Slott’s run with the characters concluded and the MCU reboot around the corner, an all-new take on the team is on the way to Marvel Comics.

Marvel Reveals New Fantastic Four Series Ahead of Reboot

Marvel Comics officially announced an all-new Fantastic Four comic run that will begin this November from The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl writer Ryan North and Venom artist Iban Coello, with two cover designs by Alex Ross.

The official Marvel site confirmed the first issue will take the Thing and his wife on an adventure of their own across America to escape trouble in New York:

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