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Captain Marvel Honest Trailer: A Flying Soldier with Amnesia

Have you watched Captain Marvel? This film hits a worldwide success with $1.1 billion gross income. This figure is said to be the next generation of the MCU heroes. It will replace the “retired” and “killed” heroes as shown in Avengers: Endgame.

Despite this promising debut and overall positive reviews, there are some comments criticizing the “strangeness” in the movie. The latest Honest Trailer produced by Fandom compiled these comments on YouTube:

The trailer starts by making fun of the Captain’s hilarious mission: “a flying soldier with amnesia to a flying soldier without amnesia”. Her “neutral” expression in many scenes also makes us realized for her “weird” acts. Audiences also comment on the over-used tropes, such as “the Marvel-issued black friend”, that makes us think for a while.

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Another hilarious thing is the appearance of Nick Fury, labeled as “grandpa in the team”, due to his ability to run, fight and use a keyboard. On the other hand, Ben Mendelsohn, well known as villains and criminals, receives good character here. Finally, the video ends by stating that this movie is just “the meat in an infinity war sandwich” since its release is in the middle of those big-screens.

So, do you agree with these bad comments?

What's your reaction?

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