Captain Marvel Vs Wonder Woman: Who Is The Winner?

Captain Marvel (Ms. Marvel) and Wonder Woman are the special characters from both DC Comics and Marvel. In making them the focus on the upcoming movies, both studios will redefine the protagonists from their original comics.

These characters are not like the common superheroes who fight for personal goals. They both are warriors who are loyal and helping their people’s concerns.

Do you ever question which one is better of both of them? Can Ms. Marvel defeat Wonder Woman or is it the other way around?

Well, this time Wowkia will compare both of them by providing the relating facts. The facts are based on the writer’s experience in reading comics, watching movies, and other information from various sources. They are organized in categories of :


Wonder Woman

When deciding a better warrior, we surely have to consider the number of wars that she has done. For this category, Wonder Woman is the winner. The Amazon princess has been living for centuries. Princess Diana is not only involved in the modern Justice League fight, but also in World War and Amazon wars thousand years ago. Yes, of course, Ms. Marvel has
also been involved in many fights, but she cannot close to Wonder Woman.

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Ms. Marvel: 0 Wonder Woman: 1


Captain Marvel

Both Wonder Woman and Ms. Marvel wear an eyecatching costume to fight. But we get a more accurate version of the comic book in the movies.

For this category, we give the point for Ms. Marvel because her costume really grows within her character. The black dress that she wore in the last story is now combined with the fighting costume of a mix of red and blue colors. Carol Danvers is always one of the most visually attracting in Marvel Comics.

In the real world, outfit maybe does not really help a fighter. But in a visual media like comic books, costume is essential.

Ms. Marvel: 1 Wonder Woman: 1


Wonder Woman Senjata

The Kree has designed some fantastic technologies for Carol Danvers. Beside that, she also has a Stark-Tech weapon similar to the comics version.

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Nevertheless, Wonder Woman has a better weapon compared to Captain Marvel. It includes her magnificent sword, a shield that can deflect bullets that she wears on her arms, and the iconic Lasso of Truth.

The conclusion in the weapon forged by Kree is cool, but the weapon forged by Gods is far cooler. The point goes to Wonder Woman.

Ms. Marvel: 1 Wonder Woman: 2


Captain Marvel Kekuatan

Wonder Woman and Ms. Marvel share many equal qualities of strength (super power, speed, etc.) But Ms. Marvel has a power that puts her one place higher than the Themyscira warrior.

Here we talk about her photon energy. The effect of this concentrated light is something that Wonder Woman cannot own. We can see how big the photon energy created when Ms. Marvel acted in her solo movie that is released in last March. So, this time the point belongs to Ms. Marvel.

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Ms. Marvel: 2 Wonder Woman: 2


Wonder Woman Vs Cap Marvel

Like other dedicated warriors, both Ms. Marvel and Wonder Woman has undergone many fighting training. But again, the existence of Wonder Woman for centuries makes her the winner for this category.

Of course, Princess Diana has trained for a longer time compared to Carol Danvers. But, even though she has not lived for a long time, we still give the point for this category to Wonder Woman. It is because Amazon could face many galactic threats with Bronze Era weaponry.

Ms. Marvel: 2 Wonder Woman: 3


Cap Marvel Vs Wonder Woman

From an objective point of view, you might not want to consider the moral of a warrior when you judge her. But we think it is important enough and we give the point of this category to Ms. Marvel.

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Wonder Woman is a hero undoubtedly. But there are many examples in the comics that makes us have to rethink. For example, the action that she took in Injustice comics or the fans’ favorite storyline Flashpoint. Even though these are alternative realities, but the personality of Diana in these stories is consistent with her character. On the other hand, we have not seen Ms. Marvel doing these extreme things, even in an alternative version.

Ms. Marvel: 3 Wonder Woman: 3


Wonder Woman Mentor

Amazon is known as the strongest force in the universe. Yes, we know that it also applies to Kree. But we just think that Amazon is more impressive. So the point goes to Wonder Woman.

You can argue that it is not fair to judge a warrior based on her force. But with all the actions that these characters do with their fellow warriors, we do think that it is a matter point.

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Ms. Marvel: 3 Wonder Woman: 4


Captain Marvel Mentor

The moral guidance of Wonder Woman mostly comes from her family and close friends. She is accompanied by some wise characters like Hippolyta, but the Amazon queen sometimes gives her bad advises. So, we’d like to give the point to Ms. Marvel.

Ms. Marvel, on the other hand, receives advises (including her own name) from one of the best heroes in Marvel history. Mar-Vell is a teacher and friend that is wise and empathetic and Carol’s journey would be very different without this guidance. He also has never lied to Carol about her origin. A good mentor would never lie to his students.

Ms. Marvel: 4 Wonder Woman: 4


Wonder Woman V Captain Mervel

When we say “intelligence”, here it refers to the fighting intelligence needed by a warrior. In this category, Wonder Woman receives a better score than Ms. Marvel. Carol does prove herself as a talented and brilliant leader of Avengers in many chances. But, Wonder Woman is one of the main strategists in Justice League for decades.

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Wonder Woman has become a strategist since she was born. She was raised in a culture like Sparta, where art of war is taught. That is why we give the point to her.

Ms. Marvel: 4 Wonder Woman: 5

The Winner is Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman Sword

In our criteria needed by a warrior of a comic book, Wonder Woman is slightly superior over Ms. Marvel. But how about you guys? Do you agree with our criteria? Or you have your own judgment? Write your comments below!

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