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Mulan’s First Trailer Is Now Released

Previously, Disney is bespoken to soon release the first trailer of Mulan. And now, the live-action adaptation of this classic animation got its first official trailer.

Posted on Youtube, this trailer depicts Mulan’s parents planning a wedding for her. Although she is still doubting her parents’ plan and reluctantly accepts the marriage, but her love for martial arts is undoubted. She keeps training for the unexpected battles awaiting her.

The pinnacle of the trailer is when Mulan fights soldiers and brief scenes showing her disguising as a man.


Once upon a time in China, the emperor released a rule which obliged one man from all families to serve as soldiers in the imperial army, protecting the kingdom from colonialism. Hua Mulan, the oldest daughter of an honored warrior, took up the duty of her ill father. Disguised as a man named Hua Jun, she faced hard positions and must bravely overcome them with all her true potential. This is an epic journey which turned a girl into an honored warrior, surpassing her proud father.

In addition to the trailer, Disney also shared a new poster for the film. It is posted in the official Disney’s Mulan Twitter account. You can see the poster below.

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Rumors said the movie will not feature Mushu, the singing dragon. Directed by Niki Caro, Mulan is starred by Liu Yifei, Donny Yen, and Jet Lee. Mulan will hit the theaters on March 27, 2020.

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