Captain Marvel and Actress Ms. Marvel Celebrates Together

Marvel fans have met another character based on the comic who is to once again make a big impact from now on. No, not Kate Bishop, or Marc Spector most recently Kamala Khan from Iman Vellani. Ms. Marvel premiered its first episode a few weeks ago on Disney Plus with very positive reactions.

Despite the controversy surrounding all the major changes to its powers, the new Marvel Studios show is doing well with fans. The Marvel Cinematic Universe veteran has posted in celebration of Kamala Khan’s debut and praised Iman Vellani for her star.

Celebrating the Arrival of Ms. Marvel

Over the past week or two, various cast and crew members from Marvel Studios and Disney have spoken publicly on Twitter in support of Iman Vellani’s new superhero, Kamala Khan, and celebrating the premiere of her new streaming series, Ms. Marvel.

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Also, Captain Marvel herself, Brie Larson, noted how she knew from “[their] first zoom … [that she was] going to be the best:” In addition, other MCU stars gave the same celebration, many MCU stars. You can see the celebration posted on Twitter here:

Hopefully, the quality of the show is able to sustain itself across the five installments. Even if not, the character will no doubt be the main pillar of the MCU going forward. It’s no surprise that he is destined to become a member of the Young Avengers one day. Ms. Marvel is now streaming on Disney Plus and The Marvels is out in theaters on July 28, 2023.

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