Iman Vellani Wants To Join This MCU Crossover

Ms. Marvel is done as the newest Disney Plus series, and then we’ll see another show. Before the show landed on Disney Plus, the person who played Iman Vellani had something to say. It’s about what she wants to do next other than after Ms. Marvel as well as The Marvels movies.

We didn’t get to see any other characters from the MCU earlier in Ms. Marvel, just easter eggs and flirting with talking. Not without reason, Ms. Marvel only focused on showing Ms. Marvel to the audience about the origin story and what happened to it. But we know it, so many references to other MCU characters in the first and final episodes.

In addition to joining and spending time with Captain Marvel and Monica Rambeau from Teyonah Parris, Iman Vellani also teased other teams to bring him back.

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Kamala Khan in Other MCU Crossovers

Through an interview with The Lowdown in the magazine’s June 2022 issue, the cute girl who plays Ms. Marvel shared which characters he would like to see with Kamala Khan in the upcoming MCU project.

Surprisingly perhaps to some fans, Iman Vellani first mentioned Guardians of the Galaxy. He really wanted to interact with aliens as part of Marvel’s creatures. Later, this girl also teases the idea of ​​meeting Kamala “another young heroine,” noting Kate Bishop Hailee Steinfeld and Ironheart Dominique Thorne as two prime examples.

While that team-up may be a little out of reach, his other picks at Kate Bishop and Ironheart could become more realistic goals over the next few years as they become more established. They’re both two potential inclusions in the MCU’s take on the Young Avengers, and while the Ironheart solo series is still some time away, three young women with incredible superpowers could really be something the franchise brings to life when the time comes.

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No matter what the future holds, Vellani seems poised to give Marvel fans a genuine look at what a real teenager looks like in the MCU, despite his incredible superpowers. Living a normal life is something that many Marvel characters haven’t seen before, but that’s about to change in a big way with this new series.

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