There’s a Kate Bishop Cameo on Ms. Marvel Episode 1, When?

The Ms Marvel Kate Bishop Cameo is one of the new things fans are getting, but to find out the facts, we’ll have to dig a little deeper. Based on report, we can see the instructions for that in the last section, which means it’s in the credit title.

What really happened? Is that true, but we can’t seem to find it in all the footage, even as we watch slowly or pick it up carefully frame by frame. If that’s true, maybe it’s one of the fan services for us most likely episode 6 of Moon Knight, when we get to see Jake Lockley for the first time.

About Ms Marvel Kate Bishop Cameo

For now, it started for the Young Avenger era but the eldest was still helping them for some reason and condition. Another novelty we can see for now, and the build for Young Avenger is really starting.

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One of the new generations of happy young heroes is Kate Bishop, played by Hailee Steinfeld in the Hawkeye series. Since all series and movies are connected, we should see them come together and meet each other.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe will condense all the young heroes into one team, including characters like Ms. Marvel just debuted. It’s natural to see or be familiar with the story because, in the comics, Kamala Khan is the leader of the Young Avenger team but is called The Champions. And for sure, he will meet Kate Bishop? Unfortunately, there isn’t.

Ms Marvel Kate Bishop Cameo 1
Screenshot Ms. Marvel First Episode | Taken by

If we look at this carefully, it looks like a mistake. The text of this credit title may be an error made by the editorial team. This is part of a 45:31 run, which is definitely what Chris Milone is credited with as “Makeup Artist for Ms. Steinfeld, even though the actress doesn’t appear in this episode.

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If we look at the rest of the MCU series on Disney Plus, it’s nothing. But it looks like this entire piece, aside from the guys referred to as “Makeup Department Heads”, was copied straight from Hawkeye, as every other crew member is the same.

Ms Marvel Kate Bishop Cameo 2
Screenshot Ms. Marvel First Episode | Taken by

And if we look so far, the biggest clue that this was a mistake is that makeup artist Iman Vellani wasn’t credited at all, likely meaning that this piece was instead copied from Hawkeye and left unchanged.

But that doesn’t mean it’s real, maybe this is a deliberate hint by Marvel Studios, maybe. What happened there, we have to follow all the episodes of Ms. Marvel to find them or just see what happens to them. Ms. Marvel releases every Wednesday on Disney Plus, don’t miss it.

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