New Update For Silk Series Project by Sony

In case you missed it, Project Silk Series by Sony has been announced for quite some time. Unfortunately, since it was announced to date, there has been little progress regarding the project. Phil Lord and Chris Miller as producers and writers who handle the animation Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, were just successful for that one project.

They also have to tackle another part of the Spider-Man franchise, namely the Silk series as a spin-off. And you should know, that these two don’t direct, but they are still considered the mastermind behind the Academy Award-winning film. Having said that, Sony Pictures is pleased that they are tackling another relatable project.

But what about the project we mean? Still developing or there is a problem and make us have to stay patient for an unknown time, maybe. Now, both guys are talking about an update for the Silk project, so here’s the thing.

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Silk Series Project by Sony Update

But developing the network is not easy, because there is a lot to take care of, especially sustainability and optimization. Good thing, the duo’s past partnership with Sony Pictures has worked, and they will continue to work closely with the company for the foreseeable future.

Silk Series Project By Sony 1
Phil Lord and Christopher Miller

Just like before, their grip is also part of the sequel to Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, the continuation of what happened to Miles Morales and the Multiverse. And one thing we’re talking about here is the live-action series and being part of the Sony Spider-Man franchise, not the animated Spider-verse.

And you should know, that everything is Sony’s absolute property, and make it unable to connect to the MCU, maybe if the two don’t make a new deal partnership. Silk is one of the Asian superheroes, and he is Korean-American. To get his powers and abilities, the same case Peter Parker happened to him, when he was bitten by the same spider as Spider-Man.

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Since Phil Lord and Miller’s initial announcement that they would be picking up the Silk series, there have been no real developments. However, they recently provided an update to the series which sounds quite promising.

Phil Lord speaks up and reveals that they handled everything “with great care”, and that “there was a very interesting start” with Silk. He also teased that there would be new developments about the upcoming event “someday:”

Miller chimed in and said that while it would feature “Infinite Multiverses,” the film would still need to “comply with the physical realities of these dimensions:” The point is, they’re just giving hope for now, as far as Silk goes, there’s still no public information, but Lord and Miller did say to expect something “soon.” They’re busy with Across the Spider-Verse right now, but Cindy Moon fans can expect to hear at least something sooner rather than later.

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