MCU Fans are Annoyed by CGI Ms. Marvel, Really Bad?

One of the other things that happened to the new MCU series was about Ms Marvel CGI which pissed off fans. What just happened? Looks really bad to our eyes, or something, let’s find out.

The series recently received a bombed review on the IMDb platform, and it’s not without reason, there are many things that could make it. As a family-friendly show, this one must be an exciting and coloring series. A new report tells us about fans who hate CGI and criticize who is handling VFX.

Ms Marvel’s CGI Quality, Really That Bad?

Since the trailer for this young character series, many fans have talked about and discussed the changes that the MCU has implemented. They always mention changes that make it look like a different character from the original source.

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This has happened since the first trailer was released to the public in March. But for some people, this is understandable as the difference between this cute girl character and the figure who is a member and cast of the Fantastic Four, Reed Richard aka Mr. Fantastic.

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The two have very similar abilities and strengths, this will make fans compare the two at a later date. And for the time being, the creative team has explained why this change happened to tie Ms. Marvel with another cosmic storyline, though this doesn’t calm all concerns about what Marvel Studios has in store.

More than that, fans just hated this movie after the first episode was released and showed a CGI appearance revealing its cosmic powers using a bracelet. And some of them just hate and resent.

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Following Kamala Khan’s debut as Ms. Marvel at Disney plus, criticism of the CGI work in the series has flooded the internet. But maybe we can all see this as a matter of course, it happens in a lot of movies, but hopefully, this doesn’t become an excuse to give a bad sound that is intentionally bombed. A few comments on this can be seen in this Tweet.

We can enjoy the performance of the character Kamala Khan by Iman Vellani, without hating the CGI details that can still be watched. There may be people who hate this series for some reason, but you can see on Rotten Tomatoes that the series gets a lot of good marks.

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How about you, did you like the series, especially for the first episode, Ms Marvel CGI is still watchable or shows the bad side of this Marvel part? Let us know in the column section below.

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