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10 Great Dystopian Movies You Never Heard Of

Are you a fan of sci-fi, post-apocalyptic, or dystopian movies? Or maybe you are just a not-so-witty poser? I bet you don’t know these movies I listed below if you are new to the dystopian movie scene. Here are 10 really great dystopian future movies to make you a real fan.

Soylent Green

Soylent Green, a 1973 dystopian thriller, follows a working-class policeman Frank Thorn living in New York amongst other 40 million starving citizens. Frank’s mission is to investigate a murder case of an executive at food manufacturer Soylent Corporation. Along with his progress in the case, he found mysterious facts about the corporation, until the government begins to put hands in his work. Obsessed with the mystery, Thorn steps out from behind the badge and launches his own investigation into the murder.

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Blade Runner

It’s the predecessor of its remake Blade Runner 2049. Blade Runner describes a future in which genetically manufactured beings called replicants are doing the dangerous and degrading work in Earth’s “off-world colonies”. Built by the Tyrell Corporation to be ‘more human than human’, the Nexus-6 generation appears to be physically identical to humans, with enhanced strength and agility inside, yet lacks comparable emotional responses and empathy. Replicants became illegal on Earth after a bloody mutiny. Specialist police units, called Blade Runner, hunt down and kill escaped replicants on Earth. With a particularly brutal and cunning group of replicants on the loose in Los Angeles, a retired Blade Runner Rick Deckard is recalled back to duty.


In 1988 the Japanese government drops an atomic bomb on Tokyo after ESP experiments on children go awry. Years after the nuking of the city, Kaneda, a bike gang leader, tries to save his friend Tetsuo from a secret government project. In response to that, Kaneda battles anti-government activists, greedy politicians, irresponsible scientists, and a powerful military leader until Tetsuo’s supernatural powers suddenly manifest.

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Minority Report

Minority Report is an action-detective thriller set in Washington D.C. in 2054, where police utilize a psychic technology to arrest and convict murderers before they commit their crime. Chief John Anderton, the head of the Precrime unit accused of the future murder of a man he hasn’t even met.

Battle Royal

42 9th graders come to a deserted island. They receive a map, food, and various weapons. An explosive collar is fitted around their neck. If they break a rule, the collar explodes. Their mission: kill each other and be the last one standing. The last survivor can leave the island. If there is more than one survivor, the collars explode and kill them all.