Top Gun’s Glen Powell Responds to X-Men Casting Rumors

Outside of the various Marvel and DC releases from 2022, fans have felt the need for speed this year thanks to one of the most universally beloved movies in recent memory – Top Gun: Maverick.

With the sequel coming more than three decades after its predecessor, fans were ready to dive back into this action adventure, and it became an instant success upon its arrival in theaters. It even set the record for the best second weekend at the box office in the pandemic era, and it’s now approaching the top 10 highest grossing movies of all time as it becomes available for release digitally.

Now that Top Gun 2 is the biggest non-franchise movie in quite some time, some of its stars have become increasingly popular in fan casts for some of the bigger franchises in the movie industry. Many of these fan casts involve Marvel Studios’ upcoming reboot of the X-Men, within which countless classic characters will need big-name actors to take over the roles from their Fox Studios counterparts.

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One actor who’s come up often in these discussions is Glen Powell, who played newcomer Hangman alongside Tom Cruise’s Maverick and Miles Teller’s Rooster in their summer blockbuster. Now, he’s cleared the air on his current status with Marvel Studios.

Glen Powell Addresses Marvel Rumors

Speaking with Variety, Top Gun: Maverick star Glen Powell touched on the rumors regarding his casting in the MCU as Cyclops from Marvel’s X-Men.

When asked if there was any truth to those rumors, Powell made it clear that nobody from Marvel has been in touch with him, even with fans passionately asking him if he’s playing the role.

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