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The Surge 2 Review: Better Than The Original?

The Surge 2

Creating a good sequel can be hard. It has to draw fans interest like the original did, and also brings new ideas to the game. Unfortunately, there are sequels which have great quality but doesn’t give good impression like the prequel. One of them is the recently released sci-fi action game, The Surge 2.

The Surge 2 is able to retain what worked in the prequel and improve it with new updates. However, some environmental design and parts of the plot eliminate some of the original’s appeal.

The Surge 2 takes place in the ruined Jericho City, a city close to the CREO facility, after a mysterious plane crash which unleashed the sentient machines called Nanites and made the city cordoned off. All of the five main areas in the game have their own different look. But if we look at the details, we can see that they are sharing the same urban wasteland concept.

The nature is a unique view you can see among all the repetitive city streets and rooftops.

The Surge 2 Review Nature

Instead of their actual design, the five different areas are divided by color and lighting. We can see how the port is rusty and wet and the hospital is dark. Some situations in the game bring several unique feels to each area, but overall they still look similar. The only area which can give different impression to the environment is Gideon’s Rock, with its hills and rocky canyons.

The Surge 2 is still a satisfying grind.

The Surge 2 Review Gameplay 1

However, The Surge 2 wins on the mechanics and gameplay aspects. The combat is still fun and challenging, full of suspense, and the grinding is still satisfying like the prequel. You’ll see that you know the drill when you play this game. Getting through enemies, find some stuff, kill a boss, get back to a safe zone or find your way to a new medbay, leveling up and upgrading your gears, and so on. Yeah, it’s kind of repetitive, but an action RPG fan must know that those are part of the enjoyment.

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The Surge 2 features the ability to create loadouts and swap them at will.

The Surge 2 Loudouts

The Surge 2 is a nice blend of arcade strategy hack-and-slash concept like Dark Souls with some sci-fi vibes. It also introduces the ability to create loadouts and swap them at will. You can use certain equipment for certain situations without bothering with the inventory to much. Another cool addition is the drone attachment that allows you to spray graffiti tags around the world. Similar to notes in Bloodborne or Dark Souls, it can alert players to the presence of hidden enemies or treasure.

The Surge 2 leans more heavily into the RPG stuff than its prequel. But it’s something of a bummer that I didn’t find the main story of The Surge 2 to be particularly engaging. It felt like the story was trying to raise the stakes too high when compared to the relatively small scale of the original.

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The Surge 2 Review Verdict


The Surge 2 manages to recapture those what made the original Souls-style sci-fi adventure fun. However, the drawbacks made the sequel an overall lesser game than the original. Uninspired environmental design and overly ambitious story choices rob it of the same level of satisfaction, even with the mechanical improvements. That said, if you’re just here to have fun hacking and slashing, you’re probably gonna have a great time. But it will probably spend most of your playthrough remembering the prequel.