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Best Bow Enchantments in Minecraft

Best Bow Enchantments In Minecraft

Bow is one of the weapons that is needed in the game Minecraft. That’s why you need the best bow enchantments in Minecraft to defeat enemies who are quite far from the player.

What’s more, when crossing the Nether, you also really need arrows as your main weapon that can be used for various situations in that place, such as shooting Flying Striders or Ghasts.

Although standard arrows are definitely useful and can do all the things needed in the Nether, you better strengthen them using powerful spells so that they can perform much better than usual.

To enchant arrows, you first have to create an enchanting table and gather some resources. After that, placing books around the enchantment table would also increase the level of enchantments that the players could get. Before doing this, the player needs Lapis Lazuli first to power the enchanting table. Also, players need a green level or EXP below the blood bar. To get this, players only need to kill monsters.

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Here’s Best Bow Enchantments in Minecraft

Best Bow Enchantments In Minecraft
Here’s Best Bow Enchantments in Minecraft | Game Rant

When starting writing on arrows, players have seven possibilities to get one of the various charms, such as Power, Flame, Infinity, Mending, Punch, and Unbreaking. However, one of the seven enchantments’ curses is where the arrow will disappear when the player dies. Yep, the arrow didn’t fall to the ground as usual. Wowkia hope you do not get it.

  • Enchantment Power is effortless to get. Even though it’s easy, make no mistake, this enchantment has a great ability, which increases bow damage by 25% for each enchantment level (starting from 50%).
  • Flame Enchantments are also easy to obtain, just like Power Enchantments. However, obtaining this Flame Charm is much easier, and the ability is also better; namely the arrow will cause fire to the enemy who is hit.
  • Infinity Enchantments is one of the best bow enchantments in Minecraft that is suitable for you to use as an option in survival because this charm can allow the user to shoot without issuing arrows.
  • Mending’s Enchantments can make the user maintain a good bow for longer, as this enchantment has the ability to repair itself indefinitely with experience balls.
  • Enchantment Punch is one of the best bow enchantments in Minecraft that you must use. As the name implies, this enchantment allows the player to add a massive counter punch to arrows fired from a bow.
  • The Enchantments of Unbreaking is a charm that is very suitable for players who frequently use arrows. Because of this charm, it can make the bow last longer and increase its durability.
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Besides, you can use the best bow enchantments in Minecraft listed above for various activities. However, it’s best to use the enchantments listed above according to the activities you are doing, such as handling the Ender Dragon; you should use the Power enchantment to its fullest.