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How to Get Deer Hide in Valheim

For the survival game, Valheim for an instance, many basic materials are needed for crafting items. You can make building, weapon, and armor with available resources and material available in it. One of these things is Deer Hide. Now, we will learn how to get Deer Hide in Valheim.

What is Valheim Deer Hide?

It is an item that you can find in this game. As the name suggests, you can get it from deer.

With deer hide you can craft:

  • Leather helmet
  • Leather pants
  • Leather tunic
  • Bronze helmet
  • Bronze plate cuirass
  • Bronze plate leggings
  • Bronze spear
  • Deer hide cape
  • Draugr fang
  • Finewood bow
  • Huntsman bow
  • Iron greaves
  • Iron helmet
  • Iron scale mail
  • Crude bow (upgrades)
  • Deer rug (building)
  • Dragon bed (building)
  • Forge bellows (building)
  • Karve (building)
  • Longship (building)
  • Tanning rack (building)
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How to Get Deer Hide in Valheim

How To Get Deer Hide In Valheim 2
Hunt Deer | Wowkia

As we said before, you can get the hide from the deer. This item is obtained by killing deers. You need to hunt them if you are looking for more deer hide. To do so, at least, you have to prepare long-range weapons, like Crude Bow or Spear. You can locate deers in Meadows and Black Forest biome. More precisely, you can find a group of deer in the savanna along the river.

How To Get Deer Hide In Valheim 3
Deer Hide | Wowkia

Get closer to your target by sneaking (press [Ctrl]) on the grass. Prepare weapons, and if you feel the distance is right, You can shoot them. Don’t be too close because they are very sensitive. Usually, you need 1 hit to kill them with a ranged-weapon. It will drop Deer hide, raw meat, and somehow, Deer Trophy after killing a deer.

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Also, you can get deer hide from the random chests in the Valheim world.

Well, that’s how to get Deer Hide in Valheim. If you are looking for more Valheim Guides, you request them in the comment section, we will try our best to provide it to you.

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