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Genshin Impact: Lost Riches Part 6 Event Guide

Lost Riches Part 6

Two parts more for the event, this is your Lost Riches Part 6 guide. This time we’re going to Dawn Winery and Tianqiu Valley. These two locations are pretty hard, based on the search radius and the enemies, especially on Tianqiu Valley.

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Lost Riches Part 6

I will mark the Iron Coins locations with a pickaxe icon.

Dawn Winery

Lost Riches 11
Dawn Winery Iron Coins locations

The treasure’s actual location is on the left of Dawn Winery, near Valley of Remembrance Domain. We got 7 spots to visit here. The 4 spots in the north and east are without obstacles. But, for the other 3 in the west, you might have to clear a hilicurl camp before digging the coins.

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Tianqiu Valley

Lost Riches 12
Tianqiu Valley Iron Coins locations.

This one is a bit problematic. First, the area is wide, and the coins are scattered in a not-so-close distance. Second, you have to clear 3 hilicurl camps in the north, east, and south of the location. It’s pretty annoying to deal with a bunch of hilicurls at once. Then, you have to fight 2 Fatuis in the west. They are the Anemo and Hydro Fatui Agents.

New Redeem Code

So, I found a redeem code earlier, and I want to share it you guys here. Enjoy.

Redeem Code Genshin
New Genshin Impact redeemable code

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