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Mini Seelie, Do You Need This New Gadget?

The Lost Riches event is ending. All the treasure locations have been revealed. There are no more Iron Coins to collect. I assume you’ve been spending all them Iron Coins on everything essentials like Primogems, Ore, and EXP first.

Then, there’s this one last thing, a Mini Seelie. This Mini Seelie costs you 280 Iron Coins. You see, the total coins you can collect is equal to the cost of everything in the shop. So, you might as well buy this “special” gadget. But, do you actually need one?

My Take on Mini Seelies

The answer is both yes and no. That is because Mini Seelie is purely for cosmetics. For me, it doesn’t even look that good. When it comes to RPG, I’m an efficient kind of guy. If it has no use or doesn’t fit the game’s concept, I have no interest in that—for example, wings, pets, or even a son or daughter (Dragon Raja).

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However, if you’re into those things, I hold nothing against you, carry on. This is just my opinion anyway. Those preferences aside, I recommend you to take ones that fit your char’s element or outfit. Like, if you main Barbara, you can take the blue one. Or you main Zhongli and yet you want to look cute, go with the gold one. Then again, that’s all up to you.

Mini Seelie
Mona and Dayflower (blue) Mini Seelie

Remember, you can only have 1 Mini Seelie!

To be honest, instead of the Seelie, I would take Talent Materials or Weapon Materials. Sadly, there are no materials in the exchange shop. Actually, I was hoping these Mini Seelies can be useful like it glows up a bit when you are near chests. If that is the case, I would be more gladly to spend my Iron Coins on one.

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