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Genshin Impact: Lost Riches Part 7 Event Guide

We have reached the end of our treasure hunting adventure. This is the Lost Riches part 7 guide! The final locations are Guyun Stone Forest and Mt. Aozang. For the last part, it’s on the easier side. You don’t need to fight a lot of things.

You should have enough Iron Coins to buy every item on the exchange shop by the end of this event. So, don’t spare any of it.

I am hoping for a better event next time. This one is too “simple” I think. There’s nothing really new in this Lost Riches event. I want something that is absolutely challenging yet playable by every player (with the right amount of skill or farm).

Like the Dragonspine event but with better execution. I mean, we all know the Dragonspine has some bugs, especially on that stupidly strong Regisvine. I’m not complaining about the difficulty, but the bugs. Because of the bugs, that last part of the event is almost unplayable.

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Lost Riches Part 7

I marked the Iron Coins locations with a pickaxe, and the Co-op Challenge with a star.

Guyun Stone Forest

Lost Riches 13
Guyun Stone Forest Iron Coins locations

There are only 6 spots here. You only have to fight 1 party of Treasure Hoarders in the location. Nothing special here. However, you can go collect some crabs and crystal chunks here. There are plenty of them. You can also do the Guyun challenge if you haven’t done it.

Mt. Aozang

Lost Riches 14
Mt. Aozang Iron Coins locations

For the last location, there are 6 spots. You can collect the coins in one-go. There are no enemies here. There’s one Lawacurl here. You can ignore it if you want to. I also found a Co-op Challenge here.

The challenge is about riding the wind current upward and reach three stages of floating rocks there. You are given 20 seconds to complete the challenge. You can get bonus time by beating the spawning slimes.

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It’s doable on solo. For me, I beat a few slimes until I got 35 seconds or so. Then, I started riding on the wind current. It’s not that hard, but you have to be agile. If you’re doing it on Co-op, I guess you can tell your friend to beat the slimes while you’re riding the wind current.

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