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How to Fast Travel in Valheim with Portals

How to Fast Travel in Valheim with Portals

You are a Valheim player and tired of venturing around by running? If so, you should know how to fast travel in Valheim with portals which we will discuss in this article.

By knowing this discussion, you no longer need to walk around because it will waste a lot of your time playing games. Furthermore, in this game itself, the user is limited to running or sailing to get around the entire map, thus because of that it’s almost impossible for player to escape and the opponent can attack them. So, by using this portal in Valheim, users no longer need to be worried of this.

If in other games a portal can be found, in this Valheim game on the other hand, you have to build it. So, before that, it’s a good idea to create a portal first. If you don’t know how to make one, calm down. Here’s how to create a portal in Valheim.

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How to Create a Portal in Valheim

Like other structures, you can create portals in the “Misc” tab of the hammer crafting. To create a portal, you will need a workbench within reading as the following resources you must have.

  • 20 Smooth Wood
  • 10 Graydwarf Eyes
  • 2 Surtling Cores

How to Fast Travel in Valheim with Portals

How to Fast Travel in Valheim
How to Fast Travel in Valheim | PC Gamer

After creating the portal, now you have to place the portal where you want to go every time you use it. For example, if you build one portal at your base and then another portal in Swamp, you can use that portal to go from base to Swamp and vice versa.

However, to connect the two portals, you must make the tag or the name of the portal similarly, for example, both should name “Swamp.” What’s more, their names are case-sensitive too. So, you should pay attention when creating tags for these two portals.

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Also, there are some items that you cannot carry through the portal, and you can see them below. This is very detrimental. However, even though it is detrimental, players must feel grateful for getting a portal.

  • Black Metal Scrap
  • Bronze
  • Copper Ore and Copper
  • Iron Ore and Iron
  • Silver ore and Silver
  • Tin ore and Tin