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Warframe Beginner’s Guide: How To Do Parkour


Warframe is a unique game. Let’s say about the movement. In many cases, it’s faster to slide than run in the game. If you are new to the game, probably you will randomly jump and slide to wander around the map. But there are the basics of the parkour movement in Warframe. With this guide, we will teach you how to gradually become Warframe parkour master. Read on!

Warframe Parkour and Movement Basics

Here is a list of some basic moves in Warframe.

  • Walk (WASD)
  • Sprint (Toggle between Walk & Sprint by holding left SHIFT)
  • Jump (SPACE)
  • Double Jump (SPACE while in air)
  • Roll (Tap left SHIFT)
  • Crouch (Left CTRL)
  • Slide (Crouch while walking or running in any direction)
  • Air Slide (Crouch while in the air)
  • Bullet Jump (Crouch or Slide + Jump)
  • Aim Glide (Hold right click while in air)
  • Wall Jump (Jump while against a hard surface)
  • Wall Latch (Aim while next to a hard surface)
  • Dive Attack (Melee attack while looking down in air)
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As you see, the list is quite long. But it still doesn’t cover everything you can do to parkour. So continue reading to learn more of the essentials.

Bullet Jumping

Warframe Parkour Bullet Jump

The most used method to traverse Warframe maps is Bullet Jumping. No, it doesn’t involve any gun, it’s just how the move is called. Bullet Jumps are faster than sprinting in most cases, except if you use Volt’s speed buff for example. And it can also make you jump higher or farther, while pointing the crosshair to the direction of the jump.

A common mistake beginners do is pausing between Bullet Jumps. Bullet Jumps have no cooldowns, you can chain them endlessly. Any time you touch the ground, wall, or other solid objects, you can do one bullet jump immediately. Just hold W all the time while bullet jumping, so you won’t lose the momentum. Move the camera to turn to any direction. You’ll have to learn Bullet Jumping seamlessly as it is the most important basic of parkour in Warframe.

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Butt Scoots

Warframe Parkour Butt Scoot

A Butt Scoot is done when you slide for a brief moment by pressing Ctrl. It’s like an animation canceling of the slide, so you will get the speed boost but not actually do the slide. As like many other animations canceling in other games, this move is not explained in the game. It is called a ‘Butt Scoots’ because of the animation while you are thrusting your butt forward to do a slide, but then immediately switch back to running. The move is useful when you want to move fast but not too far like the bullet jumps.

Warframe Parkour Movement Sequence

The fastest way to move is by doing:

Bullet Jump -> Double Jump -> Roll -> Air Slide

You’ll have to practice it as it will become the most common thing you spam in Warframe. But, sometimes you can hit the wall or end up double jumping on top of doors or obstacles. So if there’s not enough space, better to only spam Bullet Jump.

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There’s an extension to the sequence above:

Bullet Jump -> Double Jump -> Roll -> Aim Glide -> Air Slide

The only difference is you add Aim Glide before the Air Slide. This will keep the momentum longer. And you will fall slower, so it’s easier to land on tricky surfaces like ledges. But it also reduces the movement speed.

An odd maneuver that you’ll probably need:

Bullet Jump -> Double Jump -> Roll Backwards -> Air Slide

It’s quite uncommon, but will be useful when you need to stop the forward momentum immediately after the Double Jump. Then the Air Slide will add a slight forward momentum again. It’s not necessary, but you’ll find it useful when you have to pass tricky obstacles fast like in the Ayatan Treasure rooms.

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That’s all the beginner’s guide on how to do basic parkour in Warframe. Do you have other sick parkour moves? Don’t hesitate to share them in the comments below. And be ready for Wowkia’s next Warframe guide.