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Path of Exile – A Closer Look at the Lycosidae

In Path of Exile, there are many unique items that you come across. There are many different forms of item they have at you can spend your PoE currency on. But when it comes to uniques, you’re getting something that can make a big potential shift in your gameplay. In this particular instance, we are going to be taking a closer look in detail about the Lycosidae.

About Lycosidae/Build Stats

The Lycosidae is a unique item in Path of Exile, serving as a Rawhide Tower Shield. If you are going to be able to use it, you will need to be at level 11. You’re also going to need to have 33 strengths as well.

It has a few PoE build stats that you may be interested in. You have a 32-36% chance to block. You get a +327-415 increase in armour, and +40-60 to your maximum life. The Evaded stat prevents enemies from dodging your hits, and the Counterattacks brings in 250-300 cold damage to them. This is a modifier that applies to Vengeance, Riposte and Reckoning.

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Price and Farming

So now we know a bit more about the item, we now need to figure out how we get it. Don’t worry about having to spend your Exalted Orb for this one. However, it will set you back 8 Chaos Orb.

The item itself was brought in during PoE 2.5.0. Its name derives from the scientific term of wolf spiders. To get your own, you can do so by killing monsters. You can also try farming divination cards as well if you wish. That said, your best bet would be through PoE currency.

Unique Items

We’ve established that the Lycosidae is a unique Rawhide Tower Shield in Path of Exile. However, what do unique items actually do for us? In the game, a unique item has different traits to a normal item as the name suggests. There is a certain name, artwork and modifiers that come with it. With unique items, you will have the exact same implicit modifier with the normal item of its type.

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In general, unique items aren’t supposed to be more powerful than rare items at a higher level. However, their goal is to provide the player with a unique experience in gameplay from every item. Another goal is for them to be used for you to make certain character builds.

How to Get Unique Items

There are nearly 1,500 unique items in Path of Exile. They range from modified items, maps and more. Thankfully, there are fair few ways for you to get your own. For example, you can get them from world drops. This is the same as just getting a PoE item out in the world as random drops.

To have a small opportunity to turn a normal item into a unique one, then you can try the Orb of Chance. You also have prophecies which can give you PoE uniques. That said, in this instance you are often limited to hunting down a certain monster for a certain item. There are vendor recipes that could potentially work as well.

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We touched on divination cards before when it comes to getting PoE uniques. There are sets of divination cards that you can get a unique item from with a reward. What’s more, these are sometimes PoE items that are restricted to certain drops, meaning that you wouldn’t be able to get them in any other way.

You could always try your look with event prizes as well. Sometimes, you will receive unique items as part of the top tier prizes. These are available in special competitions, though you should be aware that you won’t have the chance to win unique items at every event.

PoE Trade

Be sure to keep an eye on PoE Trade as well. This is a good place for you to get your hands on PoE items that you may need. Not only that, but if you become savvy enough with the way in which the market works, then you can also make a lot of PoE Currency for yourself through selling PoE items.

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Whatever approach you decide to take, at least you’ll have the knowledge that you need regarding PoE uniques. They are a part of the game that certainly makes it stand out, and can often improve your gameplay experience for the better. If that is something that you feel has been missing from your game, then use the methods above to get your very own unique items.

What are your thoughts on the Lycosidae item in Path of Exile? Let us know in the comments section below!

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