After 7 Years, The Legendary Diretide finally Returns to Dota 2!

After seven long years, we have been blessed once again, the Diretide is here! Praise to Lord Gaben and Volvo. That’s right, boys and girls, we got Diretide 2020. The year 2020 has been cruel to Dota 2. We won’t get The International, we got no LAN events, then the matchmaking sucks, and players are leaving. But then Valve says “hold our Diretide 2020.”

Diretide is a 5v5 game mode with two teams competing in a best-of-five series. The objective is to hoard more candies than the opponent, as expected in a Halloween mode. The team that has more candies win. You can collect taffies (candy) by farming creeps, or killing heroes, then deposit them in your home bucket.

Valve also introduces Scarecrow Stashes in Diretide 2020, which gives a bundle of taffies in one go. Scarecrow Stashes spawn at one, three, and five minutes, at the top and bottom of the map. These stashes force you to fight over a new objective.

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Securing farms and killing heroes may give you the advantages in the early game, but don’t be greedy. Holding too many candies in one-go might get you killed. That’s because each stack of candy reduces your max health by 6%. So, you better rush to your home bucket when you get enough candy.

Roshan Is Coming For Your Candy OR YOUR LIFE

In Diretide 2020, Roshan is literally a kid coming to you asking for candies. But Roshan doesn’t take a no as an answer. If you’re not giving him the candy, he’ll kill you and curses the team. The curse deals damage over time and it won’t kill. However, it’ll give your team a debuff and enemies will surely use it to kill you.

You can also steal enemy candies from their home bucket. But first, you have to destroy their Taffy wells. The best way to win the game is to put equal emphasis on the objective and team fight.

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Diretide Rewards

You can earn more than 75 cosmetics from the event. Each game you play, be it the Diretide mode or normal Dota, Valve gives you Diretide Points. You can exchange these points with Diretide-exclusive items.

You can also get a Hallowed Chest, which contains many Immortal tier goods. These cosmetics are unlockable by $2.50 keys that are purchasable from the shop. You can trade up your rewards and get anything you want, as all the items are marketable. Diretide event will be available until December 22nd. Get them Immortals guys!

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