Love Among Us? Play These 5 Best Impostor Games!

Who doesn’t know Among Us? It’s one of the best impostor games that are popular among gamers. Even many people are addicted to it. The mechanism of Among Us is simple but interesting. The impostors have to prevent crewmates from complete their missions by killing them or provoke them accusing each other. The crewmate’s jobs are to complete missions and try to kick impostor out from the ship.

Not just Among Us, There are other fun impostor games too. When you get bored of Among Us, you can play one of the other impostor games to bright up the day! Search for one between many of the games took too much time, right? So, this is our opinion about the best impostor games to play beside Among Us. Please make sure you play one of them!

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Here is The List of The Best Other Impostor Games

Disclaimer: The Best Impostor Games Listed below is based on the author’s personal opinion, and you may not think the same way about this. So if you have another game to put in here, please tell us in the comment section.

Wowkia Games Team

1. The Secret Neighbor

The Secret Neighbor | TinyBuild Games

Secret Neighbor is one of the best impostor games set in the Hello Neighbor universe. A group of kids tries to sneak into their creepy Neighbor’s house. Events of the game take place between Act 1 and 2 of the original Hello Neighbor game. 6 players sneak into the house, trying to get into the locked basement door — only to realize one of them is the Neighbor in disguise. haha!

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If you play as the Neighbor, you have to prevent the kid’s team to complete the mission and run to the basement. In this case, you can pretend to help the kids team by disguise as a kid too. Meanwhile, they will think you are not the Neighbor and not be scared of you. You can use that kind of opportunity to catch them one by one.

2. Deceit

Deceit | Automaton Games, Baseline

Deceit tests your instincts at trust and deception in an action-filled, multiplayer first-person shooter. Surrounded by five others, a third of your group have been infected with the Game Master’s deadly virus and tasked with taking down the other innocent players. Innocents must stay alert, traverse the three zones, and escape through the safety hatch as the infected try to pick you off one by one.

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Why is this one of the best impostor games? It has such intense gameplay, which made you addicted to it. However, horror-survival is more viscous in the game. The gameplay is so interesting. Also, the display made the situation more fierce than other impostor games.

3. Unfortunate Spacemen

Unfortunate Spacemen | New Blood Interactive

Unfortunate Spacemen is a multiplayer game about space-based murder in space! Spacemen work diligently to be rescued from their failing outpost, but not everyone is who they claim to be. Death is part of life in space, and you’re no exception to the rule. The interesting part is, this game has many modes that prevent you from getting bored with it.

4. Project Winter

Project Winter | Other Ocean Group

Communication and teamwork are essential to the survivors’ ultimate goal of escape. Gather resources, repair structures, and roam the wilderness together are the task in this game. Just beware that there are traitors within the group who will be steadily gaining strength as the match progresses. The traitor’s only goal is to stop the survivors by any means necessary.

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5. Enemy On Board

Enemy On Board | Wildwalk Games

Enemy On Board is also one of the best impostor games. It’s a multiplayer game where 2 random players are the Alien imposters, and the other 6 players are Crew members. The Crew’s goal is to figure out which 2 among them are Aliens, hunt and kill them while repairing the spaceship’s generators. The generator keeps communication lines open to escape space isolation. The last standing team wins.

What Your Opinion About This List?

That is the list of the best impostor games beside Among Us. If you want to add something, we love to know about it in the comment! You can buy these games on Steam or others. You may want to know: K/DA EP Out Soon And To Feature TWICE

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