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Watch Dogs: Legion Operative Abilities Recommendations

Watch Dogs: Legion goes on sale on Thursday. Watch Dogs: Legion is a Grand Theft Auto-styled game with a more complex story and technical feature. This game is definitely interesting as it tries to include political issues and social issues in the story. Watch Dogs: Legion’s unique feature is that you could literally play as anyone, and every character has their own Operative Abilities.

These characters, such as a street poet, a grandma and a construction worker, have traits, voice acting and appearances that were picked and assembled by a computer. Ubisoft said it’s the first game that lets you play as anyone.

In this game, you play as secret agent Dalton Wolfe that lives in dystopian London. At the time, London is taken over by a tyrannical regime and some shady criminal. Dalton Wolfe is a member of DedSec, a hacker group that wants to take back the city. To do so, you have to recruit people (Operatives) to your cause.

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Watch Dogs: Legion Operative Abilities

Watch Dogs Legion Operative Abilities
Watch Dogs Legion Operative |

There are plenty of Operative Abilities in Watch Dogs: Legion. As Ubisoft says, “you can play as anyone,” the playable characters are up to 9 millions, all generated by the game. However, only few are worthy for the campaign, while the others not so much. Thus, here I’m gonna help you to keep an eye to some of the useful Operative Abilities in Watch Dogs: Legion.

There are 25+ Operative Abilities that you can choose in the game. All of the starting characters that players can choose have one special ability. The best choices is to for one that gives a special boost or tool to make combat easier.

You can obtain vehicles and weapons pretty easily. The operatives that can release others from jail or hospital also aren’t as useful in the early game or when permadeath is on. So we recommend avoiding starting characters with those abilities. But don’t look down on them. You might need them far ahead into the game.

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In the early game, you will need some characters that give you advantages in a fight. Even if you are not satisfied with their looks, don’t worry, you can change it later. These are my top 3 recommended picks for Operative Abilities to start your Watch Dogs: Legion.

  • CARGO DRONES, if you find any character that can summon cargo drones, recruit them. The ability to summon these at any time will let you get the drop on your enemies in almost every situation. As this ability is beneficial, it might be a little difficult to find characters with it.
  • PHYSICALLY FIT, having your characters alive and available is crucial. Characters with this ability take less damage in a fight. This increases your character’s chance to make it out alive, especially in tough situations.
  • ALBION VENDETTA, recruits may have an ability that makes them deal more damage to a specific enemy faction. Albion Vendetta will function against the primary enemy faction. Once you have access to more gadgets that can quickly take out enemies, this slight boost to only one type won’t be as significant. But early on, it can make a huge impact.
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Watch Dogs Legion Game
Watch Dogs: Legion |

Later in the game, you might have to consider picking characters with one of these abilities.

  • UNIFORMED ACCESS, you can walk pass through restricted areas without raising the alarm.
  • SILENCED WEAPONS, try to be as stealthy as you can be.
  • FAST HACKING, getting your job done faster by reducing hack cooldown.
  • POLICE CONTACT and PRIORITY CARE, These abilities (and others like them) apply to the entire team. When any of your operatives are unavailable due to arrested or injured, this can reduce the time that those characters are unavailable.
  • CRYPTO SKIMMER, getting extra money (ETO) sometimes is nice.

Skippable Operative Abilities

As I said, some of the Operative Abilities are not that useful, so these are some of them. You don’t need to prioritize recruiting characters with these.

  • VEHICLES, you’d rarely want a special vehicle, there are plenty of them in the streets.
  • WEAPONS, unless you want to go run and gun, Rambo style.
  • DRONE SUMMONS, except if it’s a cargo drone.
  • GAS IMMUNITY, there are very few enemies that use smoke grenades on you.
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So these are my recommendations, do you have anything to add? Let me know in the comments. Enjoy the game my friends! And also, we would like also want to know your thought about how if your operatives in Watch Dog died in the game!

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