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Red Dead Online Moonshine Recipes Guide

Red Dead Online has given us a new update that makes you can collect the ingredients and make the moonshine. You need to brew three ingredients, so that will be Moonshine recipes in RDO. Then, Moonshine very useful for your business.

Instead of trying your luck by combining rootless ingredients, you are better off checking out the Red Dead Online Moonshine recipes guide from Wowkia.

Red Dead Online Moonshine Recipes

Red Dead Online Moonshine
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Firstly, you need to own a moonshine shack. Then, when your moonshine business is up and running, you can start crafting and selling to make good money per batch.

Still, you have to know some recipes can only open when you reach a certain level. In addition, there are also those who require you to complete the mission behind the story, so you must complete it first.

Selected for you
Red Dead Online Moonshine Ingredients Locations
RecipeIngredient 1 Ingredient 2 Ingredient 3Requirement
Apple Berry CrumbAppleBlackberryVanilla FlowerBootleger story progress
Agarita SunriseCanned StrawberriesEvergreen HuckleberryAgaritaComplete Bootleger story
Berry CobblerCanned PeachesRed RaspberryPeachRank 2
Berry MintMintBlackberryCanned Strawberries
EvergreenEvergreen HuckleberryWintergreen BerryGinseng
Spice IslandCanned ApricotsGolden CurrantCaribbean RumRank 16
Tropical PunchCanned PineapplesPearVanilla Flower
Wild CiderGinsengApple Currant
Wild CreekWild MintVanilla FlowerCreek Plum Rank 6

Making and selling more moonshine will make you gain Moonshine Frontier Pursuit XP which will level up your profession. Therefore, you can unlock more moonshine recipes to sell again and make even more money.

So, there are some RDO Moonshine recipes that we know. If you want other Red Dead Online tips, don’t hesitate to tell it in the comments section. Then, please share this page with your friends who also play this game.

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