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Battlefield 2042 Climate Disasters Not Related to Climate Change

Battlefield 2042 Climate Disasters Is Not Related To Climate Change

This article will inform you about the climate disasters in Battlefield 2042 and how its not related to politics.

While Battlefield 2042 has a huge weather-based disasters feature, DICE clarifies that there is no political message behind the feature.

Battlefield is introducing many new features like specialist which one of its biggest feature is world events. World events are taking the shape of weather disasters which present a believable future scenario. However, DICE clarified that it is not trying to be political in the new game.

Battlefield 2042 Climate Disasters Not Related to Climate Change | EA

DICE Clarification

Given the significance of natural disasters in the game trailer, it’s hard not to think the concept came from climate change. After all, climate change debates are pointing out that natural disasters will be more common in the future because of the state of the planet. Therefore, it makes sense for Battlefield 2042 weather disasters to be the result of climate change. Though DICE says differently, in an interview with IGN, DICE design director Daniel Berlin said bluntly that politics wasn’t the reason behind the feature.

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Instead, the lightning, sandstorms, and tornadoes resulted from the team thinking would add more spectacle. Involving natural disasters will give DICE a reason to go worldwide in the upcoming game. Berlin goes on to say that environmental changes are purely for “gameplay reasons.” Berlin confirmed that the addition has no connection to real-world politics.

Berlin repeats that Battlefield 2042 is just a “multiplayer game” with no political agendas; this makes sense, for Battlefield 2042 has no story mode. DICE motives of steering clear of over realistic topics is also reasonable. Back when Battlefield 5 first trailer released, it made a lot of controversy due to an appearance of a woman wearing a prosthetic arm deemed historically inaccurate. This made a lot of fans hate the first Battlefield 5 trailer.

While the game’s natural disasters intent was to add spectacle, it fits for a future time set. The game might just become a realistic representation of climate change regardless.