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Valheim 0.147.3 Patch Notes, Many New Things

Since getting many players, Iron Gate AB as the game developer of Valheim continues to add new patches to make the game even better. Like Patch 0.147.3 this time, which adds many advantages for the users, such as upgrading the dedicated server and making the wolves less excited.

As the company says, “the current dedicated servers always use a direct connection instead of using the Steam Datagram Relay (SDR). Consequently, this will result in significantly lower latency for most players.”

Valheim 0.147.3 Patch Notes
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With this new patch, the company hopes that there will be a fix for the connection problem, which was not resolved in last week’s patch. Apart from connection problems, there are also other interesting changes, such as the animation in the game that will be made look a little smoother if any of the players are annoyed by it.

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Not only that, but in this latest patch, Iron Gate AB also adds other things, such as a solution for people who pick up items, such as ore and metal can go through the portal by carrying these items (maybe).

Valheim 0.147.3 Patch Notes

  • Localization updates
  • Made Haldor head-turn smoother
  • Object network interpolation is skipped if the object was far away, solved an issue with network players flying through the air when entering dungeons & exiting portals, etc
  • Added -public 1/0 flag to the dedicated server again, Allows players to host local LAN only servers
  • Join IP-button updated to allow for LAN-connections (dedicated servers only) & added DNS support
  • Dedicated servers use directIP connection instead of SDR, solves issues with slow steam relays in some areas of the world
  • Bonemass puke-effect network fix
  • Updated Dedicated-server PDF manual
  • Prevent pickup items when entering portals
  • Lowered wolf procreation slightly
  • Lowered chance of boss trophy talking

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