K/DA MORE Music Video Is Here! The EP Is A Week Away

Riot virtual music group, K/DA, sets YouTube on fire once again. K/DA releases MORE music video on October 28th. Since then, It has been making 16 million views. This time, K/DA is coming back with a new member, Seraphine. Seraphine is a new champion in LoL. In the song, she is voiced by Lexie Liu.

K/DA is coming back with the original lineup from POP/STARS plus Seraphine. This time, Kai’Sa and Evelynn are also staying with their original voice by Jaira Burns and Madison Beer. Due to the addition of Seraphine (Lexie Liu), K/DA “MORE” has 3 languages in the lyrics. This time it’s English, Korean, and Chinese.

K/DA “MORE” Music Video

The song is a banger. I think “MORE” is an EDM pop song with a middle eastern vibe. Akali (G-Idle Soyeon) and Kai’sa (Jaira Burns) are the rappers, taking up first and second verses. Then Evelynn (Madison Beer), Ahri (G-Idle Miyeon), and Seraphine (Lexie Liu) are the vocalists, singing the chorus. Seraphine got the main spotlight on the bridge, and he joins the choreo soon after.

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Riot and K/DA

You see, as I said before in the previous article, Riot really knows how to manage a music group. They are also making this as a chance to promote the new Champion, Seraphine and her skin, and even their new game LoL: Wild Rift. They have been rolling out the K/DA special package there too. Smart.

K/DA Featured In DAZED

Although the LoL community heavily criticizes Seraphine’s new champion, LoL has been defending her quite seriously. The community says that Seraphine’s skill set is way too similar to Sona. Furthermore, they say her design is not suitable for the game. I mean, yeah, I can see it. Why would an idol take part in a battle arena against monsters and warriors?

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Anyway, K/DA will release their EP “ALL OUT” on November 6th. The EP has 4 new songs, and the previous 2 “The Baddest” and “MORE”. You can see the full info right here. What do you think of the song, and what do you expect from the upcoming EP? Tell us in the comments.

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