WHAT IF: All Your Operative Died in Watch Dogs: Legion Permadeath?

Watch Dogs: Legion is the newest game from Ubisoft. This game is very ambitious. Watch Dogs: Legion lets you play almost every character in the game. You can recruit them into your DedSec ranks. Then, these characters will become operatives. Moreover, there is a permadeath mode in Watch Dogs: Legion. This means, if your operative died, they are dead and gone forever.

Although you can recruit everyone in London, that doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want. Yes, you won’t be short of crews. But repeatedly getting your operative killed means you’ll have to sit through recruitment missions whenever you need to boost your numbers.

Watch Dogs: Legion Operative Permadeath Explained

When you start the game, there will be a permadeath option. You play with or without it. If you start your game without it, you can turn it on later. Or maybe you regret playing on permadeath mode? It’s okay, you can turn it off in-game, too. However, if you do so, you can’t turn it back on again.

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To be honest, permadeath isn’t for everyone, right? You either want to challenge yourself or you want the gameplay to be more realistic. But, if you truly want a challenge, you can go with Iron Man mode, In this mode, the permadeath can’t be turned off in-game.

Permadeath in Watch Dogs: Legion won’t be active right after you start the game. The permadeath will be active after a few missions. The last mission is the quest where you’re recruiting a construction worker. When the time comes, you will have an on-screen prompt telling you that permadeath is active. So, before that, you may do as you please, trying out stupid things in the game, maybe?

What Happens If Your Operatives Died?

Your operatives can be hospitalized or arrested. In such a condition, they are unavailable for the mission. If they happen to die when you have permadeath enabled, that’s them gone for good. However, your upgrades, unlocked gadgets, and hacking abilities will carry across your entire roster.

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watch dogs legion permadeath
Your Operative Died |

The real problem is, “what if all your operatives died?” Well, you get a big old, long ending credit. That’s a game over for you. You’re not that bad, are you? LMAO. Okay, but there is another problem if you got your operative dead in the game. That is, you will be having trouble recruiting the passing operative’s friends or family.

The thing is, in Watch Dogs: Legion, NPCs remember your antics, and these consequences can be felt long after an operative’s death. So yeah, these operatives have family and friends, and they really know what is up with you and your DedSec.

However, if permadeath isn’t your thing, that’s totally fine, no shame on that. Sometimes, you just want to enjoy a game without any complex or long term risks in your game, right? Then again, the permadeath mode in Watch Dogs: Legion is fair and simple.

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