5 Death Cases That Happen Only Because of a Game!

Death, there is one thing we cannot imagine before. Death can arrive anytime and anywhere indiscriminately. The causes of death also vary, ranging from purely experiencing illness or other things. No exception because of a video game.

Maybe some people really can’t imagine that death will come because of a video game. This is not impossible, because there are many cases of death that occur only because of a game. Intrigued by that? Here are the 5 Death Cases That Happen Only Because of a Game! Check below.

Crazy, Here Are the 5 Death Cases That Happen Only Because of a Game!

1. Teenagers commit suicide using chainsaws because they lose playing games

The first is a 15-year-old child. The boy named Pavel Matee who chose to end his life horribly using a saw. He scraped his neck with a saw. Although the motive is not clear why he did this. But one thing they know for sure is Mateev often spends hours playing online games.

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2. Losing the Madden tournament, this man is mass shooting other players

There is a case of death that can be said to be very tragic. There is a Madden tournament held in a public place fighting for $ 5,000 dollars and also a slot for the next tournament, Madden Classic, this tournament is watched live by many people.

Sadly, this tournament is not something that makes you happy together, but becomes a flood of participants. When he was playing, 24-year-old David Katz suddenly became angry and started shooting people blindly after losing the tournament.

His motive for doing this was only because he lost playing games. He opened fire on all participants before he ended his own life using the weapon. This incident was recorded on a live stream camera and watched by many people on the live broadcast before finally being suddenly disconnected.

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5 Death Cases That Happen Only Because of a Game!

3. A 13-year-old boy jumped from the building because of PUBG

A few months ago, there was a very terrible case. As reported, there was a case of death due to a video game. A 13-year-old boy jumped from the building just because of a PUBG game.

“This video game caused the death of my child. There is no other reason, “said the mother to the reporter. The mother claimed that the child was curious whether he could survive if he jumped from a height like a PUBG game.

The 13-year-old boy named Xu Tianci was indeed reported to have played PUBG games very often even more so on his iPad. The mother had previously confiscated her PC, and also she had refused to buy her child electronic equipment.

4. Because of Call of Duty, this guy killed each other

There is a case of death just because you lost playing the Call of Duty. He was originally just a game one against one and there was one who lost. Well, Tyler Barris did not accept the results of this match and defiantly will come to the residence of the opponent in the COD.

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After receiving the address given by his enemy Tyler Barris then making a scenario as if he were in a ‘captured’ state, and reporting the situation to the police along with the address he had. The thing he didn’t know was that the address turned out to be a fake address belonging to a father named Andrew Finch.

Andrew Finch, who did not know anything about this case, was shocked after his house was surrounded by police forces. Because of a misunderstanding the police opened fire and Andrew Finch was forced to die on the spot. It’s a very sad case, how could you do something like this.

5. Kill his mother because of a game

Now the last case is not different from the others. This time the man named Matthew Nicholson had the heart to take his mother’s life with a bullet. This incident initially when Mathew was playing a game the mother then entered and planned to scold Matthew.

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Annoyed by the play and also the debate that heated up Matthew then damaged his own headphones and blamed the mother for this. As a result, Mathew willingly killed his mother by shooting into the mother’s head and finally losing her life.

From these cases we can learn that we cannot hurt people just because of a video game. Especially if it comes to yelling at parents. Because that is a very wrong thing, video games are just a video game. Do not let a video game make us do things that cannot be imagined like committing a big sin.

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