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PUBG Update: New Weapon, And Parkour!

PlayerUnkown’s BattleGround (PUBG) is a survival battle royale game which is so popular nowadays. Lots of events and tournaments with tremendous prizes are held. The game is skyrocketing world wide.

Talking about the game itself, PUBG Corp as the developer recently released a big update. In this update, they included a new powerful weapon, called Deagle. This weapon is hugely demanded, as Desert Eagle gun is so iconic among FPS, TPS, and other kinds of shooter games of all time.

But, you know what? Besides the famous devastating pistol gun, PUBG Corp also added a new interesting feature in the game. What is that? Here is the PUBG’s Parkour update.

Parkour, One New Feature in PUBG

Through the new update, PUBG has added Parkour in the game. In its origin, Parkour or l’art du déplacement is a discipline of movements which is used for running through obstacles as effective and efficient as possible while moving from one point to another. Previously, It is made famous by its founder, David Belle, in the 2004 French movie, District 13.

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In the video above, you can see some of the Parkour movements in PUBG which done by WackyJacky101. He jumped from one place to others, hurdling over obstacles he faced in the game.

New Weapon in PUBG, Deagle

Deagle is based on Desert Eagle, one of the most powerful handguns in the world. The Desert Eagle has been famous in the pop cultures for decades. It was featured in more than 500 films, TV shows, and video games, including the famous Counter-Strike franchise.

The trailer above depicts the Deagle in PUBG. It is surely powerful and effective if used wisely. This gun uses .45 caliber ACP ammo, with damage of 62.

Moreover, this gun can use either red dot or holographic scope. Not only that, it also equipped with laser sight which helps your aiming accuracy. Its effective range is 100 meters.

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What are your thoughts? Do these features will make PUBG even better? Leave your comments below, and check out our other latest game news here in Wowkia.

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