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Islamic authority in Indonesia issues Fatwa against PUBG

One of the Islamic authorities in Indonesia issues Fatwa against PUBG and other games alike. The Fatwa came from MPU (Majelis Permusyawaratan Ulama) Aceh, as the Muslim scholars association regarded as a high authority in upholding sharia law in one of Indonesia’s provinces.

This issue is released based on researches and discussions done which includes Acehnese IT experts, psychologists, and Islamic scholars in a two-day-long conference.

“MPU Aceh releases a Fatwa to confirm that PUBG and other similar games are considered as haram in Aceh,” said Faisal, as the Vice President of MPU Aceh.

The MPU Aceh’s Vice President also added that this Fatwa is based on researches done by experts, which stated that online games will change players behaviors and affect their mental health.

“The results said that PUBG addicts have a short temper. Kids will be mad and defy their parents’ prohibition. A husband also will have arguments with his wife,” Faisal subjectively explained. “Indeed, this Fatwa must be supported further by all people, governments, parents, and internet service providers,” he added.

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After the games are considered as haram by the Fatwa, Faisal also gave his recommendations to the people in charge to supervise and broadcast the information further to the local public.

As we know, Aceh is one province in Indonesia which have its autonomy to uphold sharia law. This special authority has implemented Islamic value as the formal law of the land since the early 2000s. Therefore, we should feel relieved as the law don’t affect our life outside Aceh. But we should have pity on those who can’t feel the pride of chicken dinners.

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