PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Vehicles List | Part 1

Vehicle in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is beneficial for players. It can be used for players rotation and movement. If your team has a vehicle, surely you will be able to move into the safe zone faster. In PUBG, many types of vehicles available for your team’s movement. So, Wowkia will discuss about them in these following parts.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Vehicles List | Part 1

1. Buggy

Buggy Vehicle PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds
Buggy | source

Buggy is an off-road car that can carry up to two players. It has become the favorite vehicle in PUBG because it can be driven fast and nimbly. But, it has a weakness, that it is lack of cover for driver and passenger. If your team is wrong in choosing rotation way, your enemy will be spraying your team with many shots.

2. Dacia

Dacia vehicle PUBG
Dacia 1300 | Source

Dacia is a land car that can carry up to four players. It’s suitable for road usage and it has good durability against gunshots. However, it has poor acceleration, but it became faster vehicle besides a motorcycle. It’s not recommended to use it on off-road land. If your team force to use it in the off-road lane, be careful!

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3. Motorcycle

Motorcycle vehicle PUBG
Motorcycle | source

Motorcycle is an off-road vehicle that can carry up to two players. It’s suitable for scout usage. You can use it for traversing the map and chasing down crates. However, the drawback is sometimes, it will be very glitchy if you hit the car.

4. Motorcycle with Sidecar

Motorcycle vechicle with sidecar
Motorcycle with sidecar | source

The motorcycle with a sidecar is a modification with other passengers place on the side. It’s more finicky than a regular motorcycle and can be easily crushed and overturned. So, it’s not recommended for off-road usage. But, it has fast movement and dispersion.

5. Rony

Rony vehicle PUBG
Rony | source

Rony is a land car that can carry up to four players. You can find it in Sanhok only. It replaces UAZ on this map.

So, that is an article about PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Vehicles List Part 1. Next, Wowkia will share part 2 soon and if you are interested to follow these or if have any opinion, please write in the comment section.

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