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Joe Russo: Suitable Superhero Role for Keanu Reeves in an MCU movie

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Fans of a renowned actor Keanu Reeves long for the existence of his in Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) after his success in threequel of John Wick. This year itself, after finishing John Wick 3 – parabellum, he already starred a comedy movie– Always be My Baby and in Toy Story 4.

This Time Joe Russo and Anthony Russo, the Avengers: Endgame directors, have suggested a perfect role for Keanu when he officially joins MCU. In his interview with Kevin Smith, talking about their creation of Avenger; End Game success, Joe Russo brings this notion for a moment and excitingly shows his two cents about a perfect character for Keanu when Smith was asked about it.

“It could be limitless”, Anthony pointed out that Keanu can be anyone and he is super fabulous in any role he plays, but Smith did brought up “Moon Knight”, and guess what he smilingly show an agreement saying “Yea, that’s a good call”. However, he did not give any clear possibility which character Keanu might cast for.

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Marvel is reported in the effort to include Keanu Reeves in Marvel Cinematic Universe year after year. In an event of San Diego Comic-con International, Marvel Studio President, Kevin Feige, said “almost in every movies we created”, the name of Keanu Reeves always listed on.

After all, Moon night might not be Keanu’s first interest, as he already showed his comment to get to play as Wolverine.

Well, Who do you think might be a perfect role for Keanu Reeves?