How to Repair Weapons, Armors, and Tools in Valheim

how to repair in valheim
how to repair in valheim

Valheim includes the durability features of the item in your inventory. So, your tools, weapons, and armors can gradually degrade and become unusable. But, you don’t need to worry because you can learn about how to repair things or items in Valheim.

In this Valheim guide, we’ll give you some tips on repairing process and what you need to do it. Let’s check the article below.

How to Repair in Valheim

To repair the item, you only need to build a Workbench (We had shared it before). Then, you can start crafting and repairing items.

Like we said above, the items have a durability meter. As you use them, the white bar will decrease slowly. In some cases, you forget about the bar and your item will be red-sparkling, so then it becomes unusable and must be repaired.

How to Repair Items in Valheim

If you want to repair items in Valheim, you can follow our instruction below:

Total Time: 3 minutes

Unusable Item

how to repair in valheim 2

First, put your item that you want to repair in the inventory.

Go to Workbench

how to repair in valheim 3

Then, interact with your workbench. Get closer and press [E].

Click Hammer Icon

how to repair in valheim 5

On the right of your screen, the regular crafting menu will pump up. There is a small hammer icon. Click it to repair items in your inventory.

Repairing Item

how to repair in valheim 6

Keep clicking on it until all your item is repaired. You can take a look at the image we mentioned.

How to Repair Building in Valheim

how to repair in valheim 4

The fact is items aren’t the only ones that can be repaired. You can also repair the part of the building. It is just the simple way, it would be best if you have a hammer. Hover your cursor to the building you want to repair. Then, do right-click your mouse and the building will be recovered.

Well, that’s the guide about how to repair in Valheim. Don’t forget to comment below and revisit us if you want more Valheim guides and tutorials.