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How to Make Cultivator in Valheim

You can find food by exploring the world of Valheim. Many crops can be harvested in the game, such as Raspberry, Mushroom, Blue Berry, and Yellow Mushroom. Also, you can also make farms in the game and you need this tool. So, we will give you a guide on how to make a Cultivator in Valheim.

So, let’s check how to make it, what the needed materials are, and the details of this cultivator.

What is Valheim Cultivator?

It is the tool that you can craft in Valheim. You can choose the mode by clicking RMB. There are 3 types of mode cultivators. Cultivators use to cultivate the land, making it ready to plant seeds. You can also regrow grass in the mode.


Bronze Pickaxe is unlocked when you discover the bronze by forging Tin and Copper. At least, you must have Forge level 1. To make it, you need to have the following materials:

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How to Make Cultivator in Valheim

Time needed: 5 minutes.

You want to make cultivator in this game? Take a look at the steps below:

  1. The Materials

    Make sure you have gathered the materials. As you can see above, you need 5 bronzes and 5 core woods.
    How To Make Bronze Pickaxe Cultivator In Valheim 2

  2. Open Crafting Menu

    Go to your forge and interact with it. Press the [E] key to open the crafting menu.
    open forge crafting menu

  3. Select Cultivator

    When the forge crafting menu opened, you can select the cultivator. There is a description and item stat, then click the [Craft] button to make it.
    How To Make Cultivator In Valheim 4

  4. Crafting Cultivator

    Wait for a second, the golden indicator is running! Once done, the cultivator will be placed in your inventory.
    How To Make Cultivator In Valheim 5

Well, that’s how to make a cultivator in Valheim. Now you can cultivate the land and plant seeds. So, stay tuned in Wowkia to get more Valheim Guides.

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